Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to the Hub

Welcome to Anime Overload, the Hub for any and all things anime.

Over the coming months the Hub is going to be a weekly post talking about but usually reviewing a piece of anime culture. ( I will be leaning more towards anime/manga spectrum) I'm going to be jumping about a bit. One week it may be a review for an up and coming anime/manga. Another week I might pull out something old and go with a nostalgia kick.
Most of the reviews are either suggestions from Lynnafred (Meaning she's thrown something at my head and said Do it!), or just something I pull off the shelf.
The reviews will be set up with details about the series and where it can be purchased, a synopsis of the series. (Usually taken from the internet or the series box). The Synopsis will be followed by my review, then some trivia and little details that don't fit in the review.
I will be taking suggestions for series to review, so let me know.

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